Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So, I've introduced the wonderful sounds of Red Buttons and Jim Dale to my children. A great song among many on the album. I converted it to mp3 and the kids really think its fun watching the needle go around the record. "If this were a tree, it would be like a thousand years old," said Bailey. My childhood is now full of antiques. "We'd mash 'im up, bash 'im, money, money by the pound..."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

scariest movie ever.

No explanation needed. Never watch it alone.

Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?

Spooky movie. Spooky song if you've ever seen the movie. I'm a big fan of Bing Crosby, and love the song...but this rendition sends you back to the 60's in the cloak room of a school. Listen all the way through, this is the soundtrack version movie...did you ever hear a ghost talking? ...(don't be scared)...well I did.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's the first ever pfunderween podcast. Happy All Hallows Eve with this podcast of pfantasmagorical sounds and thrills.
Listen to it carving pumpkins, waiting for trick or treaters, or just because you love Halloween.
On the podcast:
1. The Skeleton in the Closet-Louis Armstrong with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
2. With Her Head Tucked Beneath Her Arm-Cyril Smith with Rudy Valee's Connecticut Yankees
3. Bug-A-Boo-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
4. A Grave Matter-Walt Disney Records Sound Effects
5. This House is Haunted-Alice Cooper
6. Rickety Tik Phono-Vic Mizzy
7. The Headless Horseman-Bing Crosby with Vic Schoen's Orchestra and the Rhythmaires
8. I'm Your Boogie Man-Drew's Famous Halloween Music
9. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes-Lee Lewis
10. The Walls Keep Talking-Roy Eldrige & Gene Krupa & His Orchestra featuring Anita O'Day
11. Theme from Scooby Doo
12. Main Title from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken-Vic Mizzy
13. The Boogy Man is Here-Tom Gerun & His Orchestra
14. Old Man Mose Ain't Dead-Nat King Cole Trio
15. Introduction to Edward Scissorhands-Danny Elfman
16. Weird Science-Oingo Boingo
17. Boogie Woogieman-The Brian Sisters
18. Theme from Young Frankenstein

Now, this mix may have to be rated PG, just fair warning, as I do have an Alice Cooper song...but in all fairness, it's a killer Halloween song...just be wary as you are sitting by may not always be alone.
If anyone's ever read "Sheila the Great", you are in for a treat with "Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm", and "The Headless Horseman". My 9 year old knew the stories of both, but unfortunately thought these were both bizarre songs. Kids.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Its that time of year again.

Hey Dad, I've got $5.00 for your help with mine this year...more than Woolworth's charges! Oh, wait...1978, to be a kid again. But seriously, its that time of year again, and I think I've got my costume figured out...before my kids? What an awful father I am.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Anas Animatus L; Anas Animatus H

And that's Anas Animatus D in the background...guess it? Artist Hyungkoo Lee put this togther. It's so cool. That's Huey, Dewey, and Louie. He's got Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, the Road Runner even. It's pretty cool art. That's a museum that I'd like to see. Is it too macabre for me? Probably not. I can't wait until Halloween. Here's their uncle:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gilligans Island

So, I've stumbled on a great artist..Mark Bennett.  He's doing blueprints of famous fictional places.  It's facsinating.  I've always loved architecture...and this is right up my alley.  Here's a Gilligan's Island blueprint.  Mind you, this stuff is true art (they sell for thousands)  I found this snapshot online.  Enjoy a bit of pop culture.

Pfamily History

Started a new blog for my new assignment...Family History Class.  Will start on Sunday.  I've been collecting information and getting some support from some online databases.  Pretty cool, I'm excited.  So, I won't post any ancestry stuff on this site, but will post it on Pfamily History.  
If anyone's interested...there it is.  Otherwise I'll post stuff like the blueprints I found of the Brady Bunch House.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Picking an ancestor and posting what I know about them will be an ongoing challenge. This week I'd like to post about George Lamb, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather. If you can follow along, here's where he fits in: He had a daughter, Cora Lamb. She married Clinton Samuel Church and had a son, John Carey Church. John Carey Church married Ada Mae Andrus and had a daughter: Frances Church. She's my Grandmother. So, here's what I know:
Born 29 OCT 1843 in South Otselic, Chenango County, New York.  George married Olivia Thompson (b. 13 NOV 1848).  According to the 1880 U.S. Census, we find them married and living in South Otselic with 3 children:  Cora (my Great-Great Grandmother age 12), John, and Mabel.  It lists E.P. Thompson as living with them as well.  E.P. is 50 and single.  His first name is Elihu P. Thompson, and keeps a shoe shop on the premises.  Whether he is related to Olivia, I'm not sure.  George is a blacksmith.  His blacksmith shop is called "Lamb & Thompson Blacksmith Shop"  Again, I'm curious to know why he named it "Lamb & Thompson", as his wife's maiden name is Thompson, or because the lot is shared with Elihu Thompson...we can only speculate.  Next door is a shop and Post Office possibly kept by David B. Parce.  Interestingly, when the census took place, it appears that Mr. Parce wasn't present and his wife reported who was there.  She reports a Marcia Lamb, age 8.  I believe this may be a daughter of David and Olivia Lamb, just being next door when the census took place.  I need to check this.
I'm not sure who George's parents are.  The only information I have gleaned is from the census: father born in Connecticut and mother born in Rhode Island.
Now for a little fun.  As part of my sources, I've used a map made in 1875 by Beach Nichols.  This map actually lists family and shop names in South Otselic.  It shows the "Lamb & Thompson Blacksmith Shop":
This map is sourced from the New York Public Library.  Now, I've gone to Google Maps to overlay the 1875 map with the current terrain map to see the tops of the homes that are there.  I'd like to think these rooftops are the original, but cannot confirm that.  But it's cool to see the land where family grew up.  There is still a post office on this corner, so who knows.

View Larger Map
As a side note, Frances writes in her history that she remembers churning butter with her Great Grandmother Lamb.
Let me know if you've got more information on the Lambs. More history of South Otselic can be found here.
The Church's are also from Otselic, and South Otselic...eventually moving to a farm in Baldwinsville, where Frances grew up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pork and Beans

Best music video I've seen in a long while...Weezer is awesome. How many clips have you really seen...c'mon, be honest, we've all seen the "Chocolate Rain" lad. All your pork and beans are belong to us.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

For Kevin

A tribute test to Kevin. I'm not sure if Harry Kim received three or more of these for his birthday(s).

Sunday, March 30, 2008


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